Updates to LHR pet travel

Dear Valued Customer,

To provide our customers with a better booking experience, we are increasing the booking window from 10 days to 30 days to align with other airlines for live animal bookings to LHR. This change is effective immediately.  Since the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre (HARC) requires an ‘OK to forward’ for all carriers transporting live animals into or through LHR, this allows our customers a greater opportunity to obtain available space to safely travel with their pet on their desired date.

Weekend pet travel to LHR

In addition to increasing the booking window, we will now allow any passengers that are traveling with pets to/through LHR to arrive during the weekend. Our Live Animal Desk will request HARC approvals for weekend arrivals only for those traveling with their pet. All other unaccompanied cats and dogs must arrive Monday through Friday.

For more information on our pet traveling policies, visit: Pet Travel. Should you have additional questions, please email us at 

We remain grateful for your partnership during this time.

American Airlines Cargo