1st CEIV Live Animals community program take-off

The first CEIV Live Animals community, consisting of 7 companies from Europe, the UK and the US of which 3 from within our ACB community, has kicked off their certification process this week. All participating parties are members of the Animal Transportation Association (ATA) with whom IATA has increased collaboration in 2019 through an MoU to encourage industry adoption of the Center of Excellence for Independent Validators for Live Animals Logistics (CEIV Live Animals) program.

Driven by industry standards, CEIV Live Animals establishes baseline standards to improve the level of competency, infrastructure and quality management in the handling and transportation of live animals throughout the supply chain. As travel restrictions continue to impact air transport, the participants completed the 3-day training requirement (which is the first essential step towards achieving the certification) in a virtual format of the Live Animals Cargo Logistics Management Course.

The three participating parties that are member of our ACB community, being European Horse Services (EHS), Skyfast and the Animal Care & Inspection Center (ACIC), are on track to become the first in Brussels to achieve CEIV Live Animals certification. This will position them as high performing players in the area of animal transportation by air who ensure animal safety and welfare and compliance with not only regulatory requirements such as the IATA Live Animal Regulations (LAR), but also appropriate handling and transport practices.

“The wellbeing of the animals and the wellbeing of the owners is our number one priority. Animals are the only type of freight with a heartbeat, so owners expect that their animal will be handled the best and the right way, no matter where in the world. The CEIV Live Animals program helps us to ensure compliance with common regulations, quality and ethical standards and to familiarize ourselves with the concepts of a quality management system, continuous improvement and quality assurance.  The program establishes standards to improve the training of our employees applicable to the handling and transportation during road and air transport. EHS definitely wants to raise the bar in the handling and safety of the animals during their whole journey.” says EHS Operations & Management Assistant Laurence Loosvelt.

Ann Goovaerts, Supervisor at Animal Care and Inspection Center (ACIC), adds “As ACIC, which has only just started this year, we absolutely want to go for the best service in our part of the chain. This can only be achieved by ensuring that we set the bar as high as possible for both infrastructure and staff training. That is why, in addition to the legally imposed LAR certification of our personnel, we want to go a step further and also obtain the IATA CEIV certificate. The participation of 3 of our employees in this program is a first step in the right direction.  We hope to be able to complete the audit next year. By doing so, we want to give airlines, forwarders and shippers an extra reason to prefer Brussels when it comes to shipping live animals.”

Sam Quintelier, Cargo Business Development Manager at Brussels Airport, concludes “As Brussels Airport Company we can only applaud initiatives such as the CEIV Live Animals community approach by the ATA. We are proud to see three members of our community stepping up to the plate to test, raise and certify the quality they stand for and deliver daily. Our focus, as an airport, on live animals ties in seamlessly with this initiative and we will do everything we can to support our partners and this project.”