Air Cargo Sustainability Survey Launched

At TIACA, we believe it is essential to embed sustainability into present and future strategies to guarantee the future of air cargo. This is why we have launched the Air Cargo Sustainability program last year to unite the air cargo industry towards a common vision, goals and action plan, drive and accelerate sustainability progress. TIACA's Sustainability program aims at supporting members and the air cargo industry in their necessary transformation to do good for the planet, the people and the business, through innovation and partnerships. This is our 3+2 vision: people, planet, prosperity + innovation & partnerships.
What is not measured cannot be managed! 

We are launching TIACA’s first annual industry survey to be completed before 1 December.

Enter the survey

The objective is to collect valuable insights to feed the strategy and plans set up by the Sustainability Working Group as well as to set up a baseline (“year 0 picture”) in order to monitor the progress year-on-year.
Individual answers will not be disclosed, and you have the option to answer anonymously. We are looking at collecting answers from the entire air cargo industry: shippers and consignees, forwarders, airlines, airports, ground handlers, manufacturers, IT solution providers; regardless of your size and geographic location. The results will be aggregated and communicated at the Digital Air Cargo Forum in December 2020.
If you are personally not familiar nor involved in your organizations sustainability strategy and initiative(s), perhaps someone else in your organization is. In that case, we ask that you pass this on to any colleagues you feel would be able to provide some insight. The survey itself will take about 20 minutes to complete, and all participants will remain anonymous. A dedicated consultant will aggregate and compile the results in order to have a better understanding on the current ‘readiness level’ of our industry. All participants will receive the survey report personally.
We would also like to encourage you to share with your own networks, and social media channels to collect as much insights as possible.