United Airlines cargo will resume acceptance of pets travelling with Military personnel on PCS orders.  This service will resume August 17th,2020 between Guam and Honolulu only.  As previously, it is limited to cats and dogs only and the combined pet and carrier weight cannot exceed 99.9lbs. with pets traveling on bag tags.  Additional information is listed below.  Please note we were able to confirm with DoD that Military on PCS orders out of GUM is not restricted to Military charter shipping.

  • Military pet acceptance resumes to and from GUM and HNL only (no transfers in HNL to US mainland at this time).  Pets arriving HNL must be processed through quarantine and recovered.
  • Military member must be onboard the same aircraft as Pet – no exceptions
  • Maximum number of pets per flight:
    • HNL to GUM flight will be limited to 2 pets per flight
    • GUM to HNL flight will be limited to 4 pets per flight
  • Booking window:
    • Booking window changes to maximum 10 days, minimum 48 hours prior to scheduled flight departure.
  • Booking process:
    • A booking request must be sent to (emails sent prior to August 17th will not be actioned) within the above mentioned booking window, must include:
    • United booking agents review documents provided with booking request and confirm receipt, notify customer if information is incorrect/missing.
    • Required information must be submitted and validated within the above mentioned booking window in order for the booking to be completed.


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