From: Valerie Hadley, , IAG Cargo (British Airways/Iberia/Aer Lingus).

Hello all wherever you are and I trust you are all keeping well and safe and busy!

I do apologise that it has been a while but as the network had stabilised there was not a lot of news.  However, I thought I would cover off what we currently have in case you are unaware of some of the routes that are now operating:

  • Newest route to launch is KUL – BA1033/BA1034 – day 3/5/6 ex LHR and day 4/6/7 ex KUL.
        • Caribbean flights ex LGW:
        • BA2155/2154 to BGI, day 2/4/6
        • BA2157/2156 to ANU, day 3/6 return day 4/7
        • BA2233/2232 to BDA, day 1/3/5 in both directions
        • BA2263/2262 to KIN, day 5 in both directions
        • BA2063/2062 to MRU, day 1 return day 2 (this is expected to start on 31/08) 
  • BA1009/1010 – LHR/BKK/LHR – day 2/4/6 ex LHR and day 4/5/7 ex BKK
  • There is a repat flight to GCM on the 27th of August ex LGW – BA9114 return on the 28th BA9115.  This is available for booking pets in both directions.

European routes continue to be a bit more difficult with quarantine rules and changes in days of the week or cancellations so please be prepared/patient if you are trying to transit to the EU or are originating from the EU/UK.  We are operating to multiple destinations but please check with the teams or myself first on any particular routes.

IB continue to expand their operations to LATAM so if you are looking for a particular routing, please feel free to contact myself or your sales teams.  Interline is available through MAD on BA/IB to help you make those connections to EU destinations or South American destinations.

EI are also operating their short haul network to from DUB so there are also options there for our EU partners.

Watch this space for news about Level (LV) who are also part of our group who will be operating from BCN to JFK and EZE and these flights will be available for booking your pets/livestock.  A great alternate for bypassing LHR and the ARC.  I will let you know as soon as this is open for AVI bookings and the route up and running.

Speaking of the ARC at LHR – as many of you probably know they have their new ‘ok to forward process’ which has caught many of you off guard, resulting in the inability to obtain a ‘slot’ for arrivals into LHR and I know there are many frustrations and disappointments out there.  Can I ask you to try and get your bookings in as early as you can which gives you a better chance of securing a slot.  Even if we can’t make the physical booking, you can submit your AWB and flight date/times/number of dogs/cats and we can secure that slot for you prior to even making the booking.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Stay well and safe everyone, and as always, please feel free to contact me for any help you might need.

Many thanks

Warm regards / Saludos / Slán

Valerie Hadley
Specialised Product Manager

Live Animals / Secure / Human Remains

IAG Cargo S122, PO Box 99, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW6 2JS,

United Kingdom