As outlined in the latest Bulletin sent out 1st April ( the meeting cover the impacts of COVID 19 on IWT. Specifically we will highlight:

  • predictions for how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact IWT and responses to it
  • how the finance and transport sectors and law enforcement can get ahead of the curve and respond effectively in this new normal
  • key challenges and what is needed to be effective


1200hrs UK (0700 NYC / 1300 Johannesburg / 1400 Nairobi / 1900 Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing)

1200-1205:         Welcome note

1205-1215:         Review of predictions of COVID-19 impact on IWT (Tim Wittig)

1215-1255:          Group discussion, opportunity for questions and comments from participants

1255-1300:          Closing remarks

We anticipate a large number of participants tomorrow, so we if you have specific questions or comments ahead that you would like covered, please email them to me, or Tim Wittig (cc’d) prior to the meeting. During the meeting you will be able text questions and comments into the Zoom platform for the group to discuss. When you submit a question or comment, please indicate your industry or stakeholder group (e.g. banking, shipping, airlines, law enforcement).

The event will be recorded and made available afterwards to all participants, as well as those Taskforce members who were not able to attend.

Final bit of admin, as some of you might have been forwarded this event from other members of your organisations, to ensure you are on the mailing list going forwards please sign up to future Bulletins via this link

Look forward to speaking with you all tomorrow.