As our schedule keeps changing, we will attempt to keep everyone updated as much as I can.  We are continuing to move live animals and I know how important this is for everyone.

Effective the 29th of March until the 30th of April, but subject to change, our North American routes will be as follows:

One flight per day – BOS , IAD , LAX, ORD , SEA , SFO , YYZ, YVR.

Two flights per day – JFK

YUL – 3 times per week.

Many of our other routes are operating but with reduced service, for example instead of daily, it might be 3 times a week.  There are also routes that are completely suspended, so please check with your sales teams directly or please feel free to contact myself.

Can I also please ask that you include in every booking a 24 hour contact number – this is paramount.  As things change we need to be able to contact you immediately.

These are trying times for all, and we need to be flexible and adaptable, everyone including our sales teams and airport staff are under a tremendous amount of pressure, so please be patient and lets all try to work together, and as hard as it might be, let’s try and keep smiling.