U.S.A. Legislative Act Could Potentially Harm the Pet Industry and is a Step Closer to Enactment

Apr 8, 2022, Pet Product News

The U.S House version of the COMPETES Act, which contains a section with amendments to the Lacey Act that could cause harm to pet businesses and pet owners alike, is a step closer to enactment.

While there are positive parts to H.R.4521 that are fully supported by most of the responsible pet care community, including pieces aimed at ocean shipping reform and preventing future pandemics, section 71102 of COMPETES contains provisions that could have a significant negative impact on thousands of pet businesses and millions of current and future pet owners.

According to the Pet Advocacy Network, if section 71102 remains and the bill is signed into law, it would stop importation of animals not on the federal government’s future “whitelist” of approved animals, shutting down small, mom and pop businesses like tropical fish and reptile specialty stores across all 50 states, and impacting tens of millions of current and future pet owners... [read more]