2013 - Las Vegas

April 28 - May 1, 2013
Monte Carlo Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

A very special thank you to all of our speakers and attendees
who made the 2013 conference a tremendous success!

The Mirage - Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat

Conference Schedule -Presentations & Attendee List

Monday - April 29

General Sessions:
The History of Animal Transport -

Dr. Walter Woolf

Shipping Dogs for the Iditarod -
Marilyn Romano

Mirage Animal Trainers - Transporting Dolphins - David Blasko & Philip Admire

Breakout Session 1
Livestock/Equine Track
 - How to Manage a Mid-transport
    Incident -
Raymond Tilburg
 - Risk Management & Emergency
 - Richard Morton
 - Interactions with Governmental
    Agencies that Affect Animal
    Transport -
Dr. Alberto Torres

Zoological/Companion Track
 - Transit Shipments - Axel Heitman
 - Transporting Animals in Hot
    Weather: The Case of Emirates
- Aynur Rasulova-Rzepa
 - Cold Weather Shipping of
    Companion Animals -
    Marilyn Romano

Lab Track
 - Electronic Health Certificates -
    Dr. Kathryn Bayne
 - Changing the Direction of
    Laboratory Animal Transportation
    Kristen Bocanegra & Cindy Buckmaster
 - Incorporating BioSecurity into Lab
    Animal Transport -
 Sirish Rao Vattam

Breakout Session 2
Livestock/Equine Track
 - Disease Issues that Affect
    Transport of Poultry - 
    Dr. Travis Schaal      
 - 21st Century Travel Requires 21st
    Century Paperwork - 
 Kevin Maher
 - USDA - Implementation of
    Electronic Health Certificates -

   Jacek Taniewski

Zoological/Companion Track
 - Transportation of Carcharhinids &
    Other Pelagic Sharks in Sealed
    Containers - 
 Ben Daughtry
 - Transportation Guideline Updates –    CITES and IATA LAR -
    Gretchen Bickert
 - Animal Transportation & Security
    for Zoos
- Ingrid Russell-White 

Lab Track
 - OIE Standards for Laboratory
    Animal Transportation
   Dr. Kathryn Bayne


Tuesday - April 30

General Sessions
The Happy Frog Story & The Amazing Journey of Flip
 - Robert van Voorthuyzen

Animal Welfare & the Veterinarian's Role During Transport - Dr. Cia Johnson

Temperature Controls on Aircraft - Christelle Laot

Breakout Session 3
Livestock/Equine Track
 - Best Practices Working Session
 - AVMA’s Panel on Humane Slaughter
    and Policies on Transport to            
– Dr. Cia Johnson

Zoological/Companion Track
 - First Class Pet Shipping -
    Faruk Berberovic
 - Transport of Police & Military Dogs -    Rene Belgar
 - Import of Exotic Animals and Birds
    in to the EU
- Michel Laux

Lab Track
 - Ground Transportation Security
    Ted Wasky
 - Research Model Transportation:   
    Today’s Review, Tomorrow’s
- Judy Franco, Erik Liebegott

Breakout Session 4
Livestock/Equine Track
 - USDA Humane Horse Transport
    Program - Joseph Astling
 - The Evolution of Horse Transport -
    Jeremy Instone
 - Loading Horses on Planes -
    Alberto Malda    

Zoological/Companion Track 
 - Field Trip to the Mirage

Lab Track
 - Best Practices Working Session


Wednesday - May 1

Breakout Session 5
Livestock/Equine Track
 - Handling Hogs - Mark Klassen
 - Loading Practices & Training for
    Staff - Pullets to Laying Houses
    Dr. Eric Jensen
 - Effects of Temperature & Humidity
    on Blood Parameters in Horses 
    during Long Flights
- Jan-Willem de
   Gooijer, DVM

Zoological/Companion Track
- Transportation of Ostriches -
   Masoumeh Bejaei 
- Best Practices Working Session

Lab Track
- Animal Welfare Act Contingency
   Plan Final Rule: Interactive Session
   on Its Impact on Animal
- Jeleen Briscoe

General Sessions
 - Second Chances – Keith Yip

 - Animal Movers – James Nelligan &
    Peter Costelli



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