Trucks Transport CA Salmon to Bay

29 May 2015 2:18 PM | Deleted user

(KGO) - The Department of Fish and Wildlife has hired semi trucks to transport millions of baby salmon from the Redding Area to the San Francisco Bay. 

The convoys of trucks have "Sending Salmon to the Sea" written across the sides, and they are transporting the fish 200 miles.

Andrew Hughan with the Department of Fish and Wildlife says that the federal government asked the department to take on the project.

He said, "the drought has caused not so much a decrease in the water level in most of the places, but the quality of the water and the temperature. Because salmon are very finicky when it comes to temperature, so a couple of degrees can make a difference."

Hughan says that the transportation system is vital to the survival of the salmon. "If we didn't do this, there wouldn't be any fish. We have to do it to continue the species, and it's our role and our responsibility and our obligation."

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