FedEx Delivers New St. Louis Zoo Polar Bear

15 May 2015 3:17 PM | Deleted user

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Somewhere inside the St. Louis Zoo there’s a polar bear. But you can’t see him until June 6th.

“Behind the boards here is one of the glass viewing areas where we’ll have the shallow pool, the splash pool,” says Steve Bircher, St. Louis Zoo Curator of Mammals.  “Inside this building here is the interpretive center.”

There you’ll have a 22 foot glass panel in which to watch the two and a half year old polar bear plunge into his 12 foot pool.  Between rain showers Friday afternoon, the St. Louis Zoo’s Steve Bircher showed the future home of Kali at Polar Bear Point. For now he’s in a holding facility for the next few weeks.

“That’s where he’ll stay for the next several weeks,” says Bircher.  “We do that, they go through a quarantine period so that any new animals don’t introduce any pathogens to any of our animals at the St. Louis Zoo.”

The bear began life in the wild in Alaska but wound up at the Buffalo Zoo. How do you get a Buffalo bear, here from there? Call Federal Express, of course.

“We want to get the animal here as safely and quickly as possible and that was the best safest way to get him here,” says Bircher.

The delivery service known for being on time, delivered the bear that is currently quarantined and acclimating to the Midwest and his new adopted hometown.

“From the Rochester Airport to the Memphis Airport which is their hub,  and then they also put Kali into one of their custom critical transport trucks which is designed to transport fragile cargo like Kali, Polar Bear,” says Bircher.

While he is here you’ll have to wait until June to see Kali, the traveling bear who is somewhere in there.

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