Airport to Airport Factors to Consider when Transporting Equine

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October 18, 2022 at 8:00 am (MDT) / 10 am (EDT) / 4 pm (CEST) / 12 midn (AEST)

BH RaceHorse 05 006 002editA summary of the responsibilities of the bloodstock shipping agent (shipper) and procedures/responsibilities carried out by GSA/broker/airline (Instone Air), when transporting horses.

This will include all aspects from booking, ground operations at departure airport, loading horses into stalls, through to arrival at destination and post flight ops.




  • Vet testing/health docs/road transport to airport/import permits/customs clearances/provision of groom

GSA/BROKER/AGENT etc handles/checks

  • Booking confirmation from airline
  • AWB completion
  • Horse stall in position – and in good condition/clean (may need re cleaning)
  • Stall config decided – triple/double/loose box
  • Groom allocated and all details confirmed – passports/visas/ID
  • Groom security clearances from airline – copious docs and all vary
  • Groom tickets booked – possibly return
  • Groom hotels booked
  • OK to forward – from importing country (sometimes not through in time)
  • Live Animal form completed
  • Tack/freight to arrive early for xray/screening (particularly for showjumpers)
  • Report any flight delays to shipper
  • Arrival of horses at airport – usually 3 or 4 hours prior depending on numbers/airline
  • Handling agent liaison for loading/docs
  • Health docs/AWB etc presented to handling agent
  • Vet inspection – not always required
  • Position dolly ramp if available
  • Loading horse into stall – sometimes in warehouse, sometimes airside outside on ramp area
  • Tack/feed/water loaded into stall or separate pallet/ULD if booked
  • Loading stall on aircraft – may be some way from handling co warehouse
  • Groom processing – through airport security
  • Check horses all arrived safely
  • Make sure all cleared correctly and
  • Check groom tickets OK
  • Check stall for damage – sometimes groom report damage/missing parts
  • Clean stall
  • De-position stall if need elsewhere


  • Jeremy Instone, Instone Air

    Jeremy Instone, Instone Air

    Jeremy Instone is the Managing Director of UK based Instone Air, founded in 1980 in the days of DC8 and CL44 aircraft. But the family aviation links go back over a 100 years to the formation of Instone Air Line in UK.

    The company acts as charter brokers, GSA representing several airlines, shipping agent and supplier of horse stalls and ancillary equipment.

    The company supplies charter and scheduled service aircraft equipped with the ‘Airstable’ range of horse stalls, to bloodstock shipping agents. 

    Instone Air designs, manufactures and maintains a complete range certified horse stalls which are available for short term rental, long term lease or outright sale and a large inventory is located at various strategic points throughout the world. The Company holds Part 145 and Part21G approvals and manufactures to EASA/CAA/FAA standards.

    Jeremy Instone is a keen skier, tennis player and horse rider and is a vintage car enthusiast.