48th Annual Conference - Together Towards Tomorrow in Transportation

From March 14, 2022 until March 16, 2022
At Virtual

Join us as we come together to discuss the latest cutting-edge academic research, trending innovation and digitization and other pressing live animal transportation topics.

Handling and transporting live animals is challenging. ATA is striving to encourage connections, facilitate dialogue and ensure that standards and best practices are in place around the world to protect animal welfare at every phase of their journey. We look forward to seeing you at this informative and inspiring conference. 

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Topics and Speakers

Topics   Speakers
Bears on a Plane: Planning, Training, and Executing the Cross-country Transport of two Polar Bears    Claire Downs, Mandy Fahy, and Emilee Orndorff, The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore 
Buffalo through the Edmonton International Airport   Alex Lowe, Edmonton International Airport 
European Horse Network: gateway to Europe?   Mark Wentein, European Horse Network 
Long-distance Transportation of Horses by Road and Air    Dr. Barbara Paladino, University of Bologna, Italy
Need for Veterinary Involvement in the Airline Industry   Dr. Nelva Bryant, Delta Air Lines
Dr. Walter Woolf, Air Animal Pet Movers
Dr. Melisa Grisolle, PetWings
Large Animal Procurement, How to Get all the Moving Parts to work Together    Dr. Carrie Freed, The Ohio State University
Dr. Karen Rogers, Indiana University
Dr. Buddy Capuano, Wisconsin National Primate Research Center
Update on International Zoosanitary Issues Affecting Animal Trade    Dr. Peter Fernandez, PJF AgroStrategies Consulting  
APHIS Aquaculture Updates   Nancy Hannaway, USDA APHIS Veterinary Services
Transportation of Research Animals: The AAALAC International Perspective   Dr. Gary Borkowski, AAALAC International
Avoiding Trade Issues When Exporting Breeding Stock of Poultry to Mexico   Alma Lilia De León, USA Poultry & Egg Export Council
Container Shipping of Livestock in the Caribbean Market   Bob Bishop, Livestock Exporters Association of the USA


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  • Alex Lowe, Edmonton International Airport

    Alex Lowe, Edmonton International Airport

  • Alma Lilia De Leon, USAPEEC Mexico

    Alma Lilia De Leon, USAPEEC Mexico


    Alma Lilia De Leon served as the marketing manager for USAPEEC Mexico from 2004 to early 2019. She was promoted to Director in 2019 and carries out market intelligence activities, technical assistance, trade and marketing development programs (trade shows and conferences), and teams up with USDA agencies when dealing with market access issues in order to facilitate exports of U.S. poultry meat and egg products into the country. 

    Since 2010, De Leon has been involved in the implementation of QSSB-sponsored projects in Mexico specifically focused to growing U.S. poultry usage in the meat processing sector. 

    Alma majored in International Trade and developed her expertise in promotional marketing by working with Agricultural Trade Office cooperators such as the U.S. Meat Export Federation, and APA, the Engineered Wood Association. 

    She’s been married to Adrian for 20 years and they are the proud parents of Julia and Patricio, 15 and 12 years old respectively. Besides of being Director to the Mexico Office, Alma considers herself a “foodie” with her favorite proteins being poultry and eggs, which makes her a perfect fit for the job!

  • Claire Downs, The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

    Claire Downs, The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

    Claire Downs is the Animal Operations Specialist at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. Ms. Downs received her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology from Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri. After spending four years in community organizing, she moved home to Baltimore to take up her current position with the Maryland Zoo.

    Ms. Downs is responsible for purchasing and budgeting in the Animal Department, managing facilities work orders, and other departmental projects. She also sits on the Sustainability Committee of the Conservation Department where she works on the zoo's zero waste projects with a focus on composting.

  • Dr. Barbara Padalino, University of Bologna, Italy

    Dr. Barbara Padalino, University of Bologna, Italy

    Dr. Barbara Padalino graduated in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Bari (Italy) in 2002 and in 2017 completed her PhD entitled “Transportation of horses and the implications for health and welfare” at the University of Sydney, Australia. 

    She is currently Associate Professor of Animal Science at the University of Bologna, Italy, and a member of the Animal health and welfare panel of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). 

    Horses have characterised all her life; she has been a rider, a driver, a Standardbred horse breeder, an equine veterinarian, and an equine scientist! This is the reason why she has carried out a number of research projects aiming at safeguarding horse welfare. However, her research interests span a number of topics from animal behaviour and welfare to equine internal and sports medicine. 

    She has written more than 100 publications in peer reviewed international journals and conference proceedings on those topics.

    She is an active member of the Animal Transport Association (ATA) and the International Society of Equitation Science (ISES). She is currently leading a project on the effects of air transportation on horse health and welfare, and she is very excited to be a speaker at the ATA Conference! 

  • Dr. Carrie Freed, The Ohio State University

    Dr. Carrie Freed, The Ohio State University

    Large Animal Procurement, how to get all the moving parts to work together 

    Carrie L. Freed, MLAS, D.V.M, is a Director, Quality Assurance, University Laboratory Animal Resources and Professor, Veterinary Preventive Medicine at The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.  After receiving her master's in laboratory animal science from Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dr. Freed received her veterinary medical degree from The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Her clinical research focuses on addressing hypothesis driven research to validation methods of therapeutic treatments or surgical practices currently used in rodent medicine. Dr. Freed is board certified in laboratory animal medicine and currently serves as an ad hoc Specialist for AAALAC International.

  • Dr. Gary Borkowski, AAALAC International

    Dr. Gary Borkowski, AAALAC International

    Gary L. Borkowski, D.V.M., M.S. is Global Director for AAALAC International, and has been in this role since November 2018. He is responsible for overseeing the accreditation program for AAALAC International, with over 1050 accredited units in 50 countries.

    Dr. Borkowski has a long history of service with AAALAC International.  In 1998 he was selected to become an Ad Hoc Consultant to AAALAC, and in the years following he served multiple terms as a member of AAALAC’s Council on Accreditation. From 2007 through 2011 he also served on the AAALAC International Board of Trustees representing the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science.  

    Dr. Borkowski received his veterinary degree from Iowa State University and a master’s degree in laboratory animal medicine from Pennsylvania State University. He has over 30 years of experience in academic and pharmaceutical laboratory animal medicine, having worked at Vanderbilt University, Pennsylvania State University, Upstate Medical Center (New York), Monsanto, Pharmacia, Pfizer, and the Eli Lilly Company.  

    Dr. Borkowski has presented and published on topics such as rodent aseptic surgery, animal facility design and construction, institutional animal care and use committees (IACUCs), electronic medical records, microgravity research, and management and leadership.  

    Dr. Borkowski previously served as program chair for the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) Annual Meeting, is past President of the American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners (ASLAP) and past president of the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine (ACLAM).

  • Dr. Gerry Pahl, PetExportVet

    Dr. Gerry Pahl, PetExportVet

  • Dr. Karen Rogers, Indiana University

    Dr. Karen Rogers, Indiana University

  • Dr. Melisa Grisolle, PetWings

    Dr. Melisa Grisolle, PetWings

  • Dr. Montserra Arroyo Kuribreña, World Organisation for Animal Health

    Dr. Montserra Arroyo Kuribreña, World Organisation for Animal Health

  • Dr. Nelva Bryant, Delta Air Lines

    Dr. Nelva Bryant, Delta Air Lines

    Dr. Nelva J. Bryant DVM, MPH

    Airline Industry Veterinarian

    • Serves as Delta Air Lines' industry -first on-staff veterinarian since July 2018
    • Made presentations/webinars at major veterinary conferences (AVMA, VMX, WVC, fetch DVM360, and AZA) since 2019


    • DVM: Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
    • MPH: University of Iowa - MPH for Practicing Veterinarians Program
    • Obtained 15+ years of veterinary clinical practice experience as a small animal practitioner and relief veterinarian
    • Retired LCDR, US Public Health Service
    • Completed the final 12 years of active duty career at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), serving as Chief Veterinary Pathologist, Veterinary Public Health Consultant, and Quarantine Veterinary Medical Officer (Dog Importation Regulations Subject Matter Expert)
  • Dr. Peter Fernandez, PJF AgroStrategies Consulting

    Dr. Peter Fernandez, PJF AgroStrategies Consulting

    Dr. Peter Fernández was a senior executive with USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Service (APHIS), International Services (IS) for over 15 years of his 30-year government career. He reached the personal rank of Career Minister in the US Foreign Service. In his USDA, senior leadership role, Dr. Fernández coordinated various technical and administrative aspects of the APHIS mission overseas, including: management of plant and animal health trade issues, safeguarding U.S. agriculture, oversight of cooperative animal disease eradication and control programs, and promoting safe trade in agricultural commodities through capacity building and technology transfer as well as addressing the regulatory aspects of biotechnology, animal welfare, and wildlife management.  

    Dr. Fernández began his career with APHIS as a Field Veterinary Medical Officer in Texas. In 1991, he became International Services’ Senior Staff Officer for Epidemiology and was assigned to Mexico as the Co-Director of the Mexico-U.S. Exotic Animal Disease Commission in 1993. Dr. Fernández has served as APHIS Regional Director in Mexico City, Mexico (1993 – 1998); Santiago, Chile (1998 – 2000); Brussels, Belgium (2005 – 2011); Bogota, Colombia (2011 – 2016); and Beijing, China (2015).  Dr. Fernández served as US Delegate to the World Organization of Animal Health (OIE) from 2001 to 2006 and was elected President of the OIE Regional Commission for the Americas for a three-year term.  

    In April 2002, Dr. Fernandez was named Associate Administrator of APHIS and served in this capacity until 2005. He retired from USDA, APHIS in October 2016.  Dr. Fernandez co-authored the OIE Atlas of Transboundary Animal Disease and has assisted in the organization and instruction of the USDA, APHIS International Transboundary Animal Disease training and Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostician courses at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center.  He has acted as a Consultant for the Pan-American Health Organization’s Foot-and-Mouth Disease Center (PANAFTOSA) in Brazil and as an OIE Expert in administering the OIE Performance of Veterinary Services (PVS) tool to assess Veterinary Services competencies having led the mission to Botswana in May 2019.  

    Dr. Fernandez also provides his expertise to various US agricultural industries and private entities. He currently is under contract as an animal health Subject Matter Expert with the APHIS Wildlife Services National Feral Swine Program. He is the recipient of the 2021 K.F. Meyer-James H. Steel Gold-Headed Cane Award of the American Veterinary Epidemiology Society.

    In October 2021, at the request of the APHIS Administrator, Dr. Fernandez returned to the agency as an Advisor in support of the US efforts to control and eradicate African swine fever in Hispañola.

  • Dr. Saverio (Buddy) Capuano, Wisconsin National Primate Research Center

    Dr. Saverio (Buddy) Capuano, Wisconsin National Primate Research Center

  • Dr. Walter Woolf, Air Animal Pet Movers

    Dr. Walter Woolf, Air Animal Pet Movers

    Dr. Walter Woolf entered private practice in Tampa, FL, after earning a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Woolf Animal Hospital opened near Tampa International Airport in 1961. He cared for dogs, cats, assorted other household pets and even some farm animals.

    As time went by, airline carriers sought his advice on how to best meet the needs of traveling animals. Dr. Woolf's relationship with the airlines soon grew to include caring for and boarding pets traveling through Tampa without their owners. The experience opened his eyes to the growing need for a service focused exclusively on the complex requirements for moving pets domestically and abroad.

    Dr. Woolf opened Air Animal Pet Movers alongside his private veterinary practice in 1977. He insisted on perfection with his new pet transportation venture, so he helped set the standards for the growing animal relocation industry. He made sure that Air Animal created a safe and enjoyable relocation experience for pets and their owners.

  • Emilee Orndorff, The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

    Emilee Orndorff, The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

    Emilee Orndorff is an Animal Keeper at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. After earning a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Virginia, she spent four years working on horse farms before making the switch to zookeeping.

    As a member of the Northern Passage and African Watering Hole team, she is responsible for the daily husbandry of a variety of species including polar and grizzly bears.

    In 2018 she attended the Climate Alliance program through Polar Bears International and traveled to Churchill, Manitoba to network with polar bear keepers from across the country.

    She is currently a member of the Zoo's Arctic Ambassador Committee where she and her colleagues develop new ways to educate the public about climate change and provide leadership on this issue within the community.

  • John O'Grady, Etihad Cargo

    John O'Grady, Etihad Cargo

  • Mandy Fahy, The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

    Mandy Fahy, The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

    Mandy Fahy is an Animal Keeper at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore with a bachelor's degree in Zoo Animal Management from the University of Chester in Chester, UK.

    As a member of the Northern Passage and African Watering Hole team for the past seven years, she has worked with a diverse array of species with a primary focus on rhinos and bears.

    Mandy enjoys combining creativity with the science of behavior change to develop novel ways to promote species-typical behaviors. She sits on the advisory board for Hose2Habitat and leads enrichment building workshops across the country. 

    Mandy is an avid trainer, always basing her practices on the most positive, least intrusive methods.

  • Mark Wentein, European Horse Network

    Mark Wentein, European Horse Network

    Mark Wentein (BEL - 1956) is professionally more than 40 years involved in the equine sector:

    • Chairman of European Horse Network (EHN) - EHN is a non-profit network of almost 30 affiliated federations or stakeholders acting at a World-, European-, National- or Regional-level within the European horse, pony, donkey, and welfare sector.
    • Operator of Horse Drawn Tourist Carriages in the historical UNESCO-heritage centre of Bruges (BEL) since more than 35 years. President of the ‘Vzw De Brugse Koetsiers”. The 13 licensed horse carriages are since decennia an example of welfare for working horses in the city. After 1 day of rest - each horse gets minimum 48 hours of rest. After their active career, these horses get a pension in their own sanctuary till the end of their life.
    • Editor/Publisher for 35 years of ‘HIPPO Revue’, Belgians leading equestrian magazine.
    • International Official for the driving sport for the FEI (Fédération équestre International – Lausanne SUI). As international judge and Technical Delegate (TD) active for competitions on the highest level (World- & Continental Championships).
    • Active driver on World Champion level, active recreational riding and drag hunting.
    • Legal expert for the Belgian Courts and insurance companies, about the economic value of horses, equine material, horse tack and taxation of horse carriages.
    • Administrator of the Belgian National Equestrian Federation.
    • Chef d’équipe of the Belgian Team of Four-in-hand drivers (BEL NF affiliated to EEF & FEI).
  • Nancy Hannaway, USDA APHIS Aquaculture, Swine, Equine and Poultry Health Center

    Nancy Hannaway, USDA APHIS Aquaculture, Swine, Equine and Poultry Health Center

    APHIS Aquaculture Updates

    Nancy Hannaway D.V.M. is currently the APHIS VS Strategy and Policy Aquaculture, Swine, Equine and Poultry Assistant Director stationed in Fort Collins, Colorado. She is directly responsible for aquaculture and equine commodity health programs as well as non-program species. 

    Prior to her current position, Nancy was the commodity key lead for the Chronic Wasting disease program. Nancy received her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the Ohio State University and owned and operated a mixed animal practice in Ohio with her husband, Dr. Vincent Morton for twenty years before joining APHIS Veterinary Services in the Ohio field office, first as an Import/Export Veterinary Medical officer and later as the Designated Scrapie Epidemiologist.

    Nancy resides in Timnath, Colorado with her husband, her daughter, Lillian, and their two schnauzers, “Basil” and “Butters”.

  • Robert (Bob) Bishop, Livestock Exporters Association of the USA

    Robert (Bob) Bishop, Livestock Exporters Association of the USA

    CEO of Ag Trade USA and Leadfield Commodities, Inc.

    President of The Livestock Exporter’s Association of the USA

    Member of the U.S. Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee (APAC)

    PAACO Certified Animal Welfare Auditor

    As an Animal Welfare Auditor I develop programs for clients to assure their animal handling protocols meet and exceed established and accepted industry standards such as 9 CFR 21, the USDA-APHIS regulations for international transport of animals.

    My early career was as a Farm Radio Director and Livestock Magazine editor covering livestock exports.

    For 38 years I have been a feed, hay and bedding supplier to U.S. racetracks, horse farms and export ships.

    Former trucking company owner (18 years)