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47th Annual Conference - Overcoming the Challenges in Animal Transportation

Tuesday through Thursday, May 18 - 20, 2021

As the world continues to navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic likely to continue throughout this entire calendar year, limited vaccination schedule and the continuing changes in travel restrictions by companies as well as governments, the ATA Board of Directors has decided unanimously to postpone the October 2021 Mexico meeting to the spring timeframe in 2022.  We feel the extra 6-months would allow more time for vaccinations and the potential ease in travel restrictions or at least to have more clear policies regarding international travel by most countries by then. 

In place of the in-person meeting this year, the Planning Committee will be scheduling webinars as well as a 3-day virtual event which will highlight species committees with speakers and presentations.  The Planning Committee will welcome colleagues from around the world who represent their expertise in the various areas of live animal transportation to take advantage of education based on the latest cutting edge academic research, trending innovation and digitization and other current issues facing the animal transport industry.

Handling and transporting live animals is challenging. Ensuring that standards and best practices are in place around the world to protect the welfare of these animals when they travel is a key priority for to ATA’s Vision and Mission. 


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For participant's convenience in scheduling, the virtual conference will only be 3-hours each of the 3-days (May 18 - 20).  Special consideration has been taken to accommodate our members around the world so the first sessions of each day will be LIVE and the second session of each day will be the RECORDED LIVE with LIVE moderators to answer questions.

Time zones for Tuesday May 18, Wednesday May 19 and Thursday May 20:

LIVE with presenters and moderators:  
9 am - 12 noon UTC - 4 New York, NY USA
11 pm - 2 am next day UTC +10 Canberra, Australia
2 - 5 pm UTC +1 London, UK
6 - 9 am UTC -7 Los Angeles, CA USA
3 - 6 pm UTC +2 Brussels, Belgium
9 pm - 12 midnight UTC +8 Hong Kong
Recording from the earlier LIVE session but with LIVE moderators to answer questions:  
3 - 6 pm UTC - 4 New York, NY USA
5 - 8 am UTC +10 Canberra, Australia
7 - 10 pm UTC +1 London, UK
12 noon - 3 pm UTC -7 Los Angeles, CA USA
9 pm - 12 midnight UTC +2 Brussels, Belgium
3 - 6 am next day UTC +8 Hong Kong


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Click on the registration link - here.  Once the form is received into the ATA Office, an invoice will be sent directly.  Payment must be received no later than Monday, May 17th to receive the virtual platform access and login. 

Membership will be verified for the correct pricing.  Non-member participants will be screened and are subject to approval. 



Click here for the full agenda. 



  • Airports Perspective about the Implementation of the Animal Facility in Brussels - How this does affect the airport community (airlines, forwarders, authorities..)?
  • Brexit - What now!
  • Emergency Treatment of Horses in Transit (road and air transport)
  • Lab Animal Transport and Biosecurity – Comprehensive Design Elements including testing, sanitization/treatment and efficacy assessment
  • Pandemic/COVID-19 Challenges Dogs, Rabbits, Rodents
  • Pandemic/COVID-19 Challenges NHPs
  • The Aspinall Foundation
  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Animal Welfare
  • Trade with China/Asia
  • Transport of Live Animals in Times of Crisis – IATA insight
  • Understanding Animal Transport Pressure Points
  • USDA APHIS Veterinary Services’ Support of the International Movement of Live Animals During COVID
  • Utilizing Data Analytics to drive Performance in Live Animal Transportation


Confirmed presenters:

  • Dr. Temple Grandin, Colorado State University
  • Shanna Siegel, USDA APHIS
  • Sophia Fagan, Aspinall Foundation
  • Andrea Gruber, IATA
  • Patrick Sharp, University of California Merced
  • Samuel Quintelier, Brussels Airport
  • Geraldine Auston, Ag & Food Exchange, Ltd.
  • Dr. Kirstin Barnhart, ENVIGO
  • Dr. Christopher Riley, Massey University - New Zealand
  • Dr. Des Leadon,Irish Equine Centre
  • Bobby Richey, Jr., US Embassy Beijing
  • Jay Eaves, BioTrans Logistics
  • Lizanne Muller, ENVIGO
  • Robert Quest, City of London

Please click on the below PRESENTER for their full bio.

 Temple Grandin website     Patrick Sharp Copy     Shanna Siegel Copy    Bobby Richey website   G Auston website     Sam Quintelier     Andrea Gruber website     Jay Eaves for website Robert Quest website     K Barnhart website    L Muller    Aspinall Foundation website    C Riley website    D Leadon website


We hope you will join us for this virtual event!  DO NOT delay in registering.