Please find below the presentations which were offered in the Abu Dhabi Conference.  Presentations will be open to all for 30-days and then archived under the MEMBERS ONLY section.

Belinda Gallpen - Pet Transporter’s Perspective on IATA CEIV Live Animals Certification

Andrea Gruber –  Live Animals Regulations Updates & Next Steps

David Kim -  Maritime export of livestock from Australia: Regulatory requirements for animal welfare and recent reforms

Dr. Katrin Jahn – Recognizing Pet Stress during Transport

Dr. Detlef Thiele - Identifying and testing suitable and safe aircraft disinfectants for use on cargo planes that transport animals

Dr. Margit Muller - General Falconry and Transportation of Falcons and Birds

Zilvinas Ilevicius -  General aspects of EU legislation with African swine Fever as an example of animal diseases that impact animal transport

Robert Likins - Activism, Anthropomorphism and Animal Transport

Tristan Bradfield - Birds of Prey Transportation & Compliance

Selwyn Dobbinson - A study of factors that lead to stress in pigs during road transport


Pascal Belanger - Transporting Animals in Challenging Weather

Cindy Buckmaster -  Dogs in Research: Agenda and Consequences

Drew Christman and Frank Young - The mega-move. How to transport a Manta birostris

Marc Roveri – Little White and Little Gray

Ruud Leukel – Transport of an American Black Bear takes more than honey

Claudius Haase – Animal Disease Process

Sam Quintelier – LIVE Animals – an airport’s perspective

Marshall Meyers – The History of Animal Transport

Barbara Jenkins - USPOULTRY is a close partner and supporter of the USDA National Poultry Improvement Plan

Barbara Jenkins - The All-Feather Association

Sean Harding - ATA CEIV - Improved Outcomes?

Arnaud Lambert - Animal Transport 2.0 - the Digital Era

Cindy Buckmaster - Anything. Anywhere. Anytime