45th Annual Conference

Uniting the World of Animal Transportation

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Held 31 March - 3 April in Budapest, Hungary

ATA leaders and Planning Committee thank the attendees and presenters for their participation at the 45th Annual ATA Conference in Budapest. The inspiring presentations from experts in the various areas of live animal transportation are giving lots of food for thought which our attendees took home.  Many of you who came to the conference gave us very positive feedback and once again it was clearly shown that there is still an enormous knowledge to be absorbed and shared, even after being in the live animal shipping industry for many years. During the extended networking possibilities, many new friends were made, and great ideas were exchanged among the attendees.


These are intended for members and conference attendees only.  Not all presentations are allowable for sharing. As more become available they will be posted here.

Transporting Live Animals by Air CEIV by A. Gruber
Popular 91.14 KB
10/09/2019 15:01:55

Andrea Gruber, IATA

VRR Presentation
Popular 6.09 MB
10/09/2019 14:02:41

Ben Lakerveld, VRR

Dog Days: heat, humidity and heat stroke
Popular 4.12 MB
10/09/2019 14:02:42

Angus Currie, Jetpets

Laboratory Animal Retirement Program in France
Popular 1.3 MB
10/09/2019 14:02:42

Nicholas Dudoignon, Sanofi 

FELASA/AALAS Working Group Intro
Popular 141.42 KB
10/09/2019 14:02:42

Nicholas Dudoignon, Sanofi

FELASA/AALAS Working Group
Popular 658.1 KB
10/09/2019 14:02:42

Nicholas Dudoignon, Sanofi 

AC Animals CEIV Live Animal Certification
Popular 983.54 KB
10/09/2019 14:02:41

Tom Sohorab, Air Canada Cargo

Kaido Kroon, EU Commission

Brussels Airport handout
Popular 5.74 MB
10/09/2019 14:02:41

Nathan De Valck

David Rae, Jetpets

Hannah Thompson-Weeman, Animal Agriculture Alliance

Pet Travel and the UAE
Popular 5.83 MB
10/09/2019 14:02:41

Jim Davies, Snoopy Pets

Johannette Klapwijk, Koppert, NL
Popular 97.03 KB
10/09/2019 14:57:52

Felix Wackers and Johannette Klapwijk

Kendra Stauffer, DVM US CDC
Popular 2.55 MB
10/09/2019 14:32:23

Kendra Stauffer, CDC

Mark Prescott, USDA APHIS


Sean Harding, BioTrans

United Airlines Update by S. Kawslow Nelson
Popular 1.15 MB
10/09/2019 14:02:42

Sue Kawslow Nelson, United Airlines

Snakes, birds and tigers on a plane
Popular 3.91 MB
10/09/2019 14:02:42

Michelle Owen and Philippa Dyson, ROUTES

Zoonoses: How to say no to bird flu and rabies
Popular 3.38 MB
10/09/2019 14:02:41

Ruud Leukel, KLM Cargo

FELASA/AALAS Working Group
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10/09/2019 14:02:42

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