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28 Nov 2014 5:08 PM | Deleted user
I realized today that I am tad bit behind on my monthly "President's Corner" column. I normally aim to have them to our editorial team the first week of each month (and I even have reminders posted to my calendar, which I obviously ignored this month!). I have absolutely no idea what happened to the month of November, but here I am on November 25th, sitting on an airplane drafting this column. (After typing that, I realized that most of my November has been spent on airplanes!)

As we near the end of 2014, I thought I would take the opportunity to do some "myth-busting" about the ATA. As we have been working on our membership renewals this year (have you renewed yet?), we have once again been challenged by a few persistent "myths" about the ATA, our membership, and benefits of membership.

Myth #1 - The ATA is for Livestock or Equine Companies Only
Livestock/equine specific companies actually only make up 34% of our membership. Our membership consists of livestock, equine, pets/companion animals, zoological and laboratory animals. Airlines, trucking companies, nautical transporters, insurers, equipment manufacturers, freight forwarders, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, academics, industry organizations, regulatory, and animal welfare groups round out our membership. Our board of directors has representation of each of these groups around the table.

Each year we offer webinars specific to each of our species groups and/or modes of transport. Our Annual Conference brings together all involved in animal transport and offers a mix of general transport topics along with sessions specific to each of the species and mode of transport. One of the unique attributes of the ATA is actually the diversity of our membership and the topics presented at our Annual Conference. It allows each attendee to not only learn from their own industry experts, but also to learn about and from other species and industry groups.

Myth #2 - The ATA is not inclusive of Pet Transporters
2014 saw the introduction of the biggest membership benefit to date with our Service Request Forum, located on the ATA website and LinkedIn. Since December 2013, we have forwarded 300 business opportunities on to our membership, the majority of which have been pet transport requests. Each year the ATA offers educational opportunities specific to our pet membership through webinars and Annual Conference. We are continually looking for fresh topics for speakers and webinars, and strive to keep our members up to date on regulatory changes around the world.

In the past few years, we have begun to secure a place at the table of many international organizations, round tables, and regulatory bodies as the voice of animal transporters - including pets/companion animals.

I do ask, that you as members, take time to "myth-bust" when visiting with potential or former members. We are always looking for suggestions for webinars, conference speakers, or special projects, so please send them our way! We are just beginning to build the program for the 2015 Conference in Calgary, so we welcome speaker and topic suggestions.

And for all our members in the U.S. - I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving this week.

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