EU Consultation Deadline - July 12th

09 Jul 2019 3:45 PM | Robin Turner (Administrator)

Your attention required to comment on proposed regulations with impact

over entry of live animals into the EU

The EU commission is proposing new regulations to address entry of live animals, including germplasm into EU countries, from countries outside the EU. Some of these proposed requirements have implications to their transportation via any means. Memberships are highly encouraged to review and submit comments following the link below.

As examples of points of interest, here are a few which ATA intends to submit comments on; however, these pertain to day-old chicks and hatching eggs of chickens and are therefore not inclusive of other species. It is therefore of outmost importance that ATA membership take the time to review the proposed regulation and submit comments and concerns either individually or through ATA. It is also highly important to notice that the deadline is fast approaching for the submission of comments as July 12th


Delegated regulation: Animal health requirements for the entry into the Union of animals, products of animal origin and germinal products. Deadline for comment submission: July 12th, 2019


Annexes - Residency period – members are urged to check at least the residency requirements for flocks of origin in the country of origin before entry into the EU set out in Annex 22 (page 57 of the annex document), also set out in Annex III page 6. Some of these residency periods may affect some exporters but I believe primary breeders are not going to be affected by the minimum residencies therein proposed. 

Article 38 2 (c ) – Request clarification as to whether it is country level or zone level what would be under restriction to exporting hatch eggs for 3 months from C&D and surveillance programme from the affected zone? If regionalization is an option, then the restriction would be understandably constrained to a zone rather than the whole country. For the case of US, USDA has mutual recognition agreements with the EU Commission for regionalization. What about other countries like Canada?

Article 101 – transport by vessel of HEs – consignment must be accompanied by a declaration signed by the master of vessel at the port of arrival on the day of arrival. This seems a rather onerous requirement. What is the contribution to the benefit of the consignment from such a requirement? Normal paperwork trail would allow to keep track of arrival times and dates and thus there is no need to add onerous steps to a process already cumbersome. 

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