Breathing Space for Livestock on the Move

28 Aug 2015 4:23 PM | Deleted user

For years people have been aghast at the inhumane way animals are transported. A notification of the road transport ministry will change that

Finally, chicken are being accorded some 'dignity in death'! Instead of being crammed inside a small cage with a dozen others of the same ilk, chicken will now get an exclusive 40 cm sq of travel space while being transported from the poultry farm to the stall. This is one of the new livestock transportation rules that will come into effect from January 1.

Not just chicken, decent space while being transported has also been defined for cows, buffaloes, horses, mares, sheep, goats and pigs. This has been done to prevent maltreatment of animals during transportation. A notification of the ministry of road transport and highways has been recently passed to the effect after amending Central Motor Vehicle Rules — 1989.

The amended rules categorically state that "motor vehicles carrying animals shall have permanent partitions in the body of the vehicle so that the animals are carried individually in each partition where the size of the partition shall not be less than the following: for cows and buffaloes - 2 m sq, horse and mares - 2.25 m sq, sheep and goats - 0.3 m sq, pigs - 0.6 m sq and poultry - 40 cm sq."

The rules also state that vehicles carrying livestock shall not be permitted to carry other goods. The central government has directed all regional transport offices to issue special licences for vehicles meant for carrying animals on the basis of vehicles modified in accordance with these rules.

Animal right activists hailed the new rule, with one saying, "It is a good move and upholds animal rights," while transporters have cried foul and say that the move will have huge financial implications.

RTOs will do regular checking

The higher ups in the transport department say that RTOs in the city are doing regular checking of trucks carrying livestock. Transport commissioner Rame Gowda said, "As per the existing rules we are taking action against those who break rules while transporting animals. A few days back, we had issued instructions to all RTOs to look into the issue as people complained about animals being transported without proper space in the vehicles. RTOs have taken action in many cases. About the new rules, we will follow the instructions as the government directs."

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