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Shark Dies After Transport Truck Runs Off Florida, US Interstate

12 Jun 2015 2:47 PM | Deleted user

A shark was killed in a Florida crash on Wednesday, June 10. According to AZ Central, the crash occurred on Interstate 95 in Volusia County, Florida, when a truck transporting a few sharks to an aquarium in Coney Island, New York, veered off the road into the median after blowing a tire.

The report indicates that there were storms in the area, and that there was a good amount of heavy flooding at the time of the accident.

The shark killed in the crash was ejected from its holding tank. According to WESH, the sandbar shark was thrown from the truck on impact. The other sharks were said to be okay, as was the driver of the semi-truck. No humans were injured in the accident.

The remaining sharks were scheduled to be transferred to a different truck to continue their journey north.

A sandbar shark gets its name from its preference to swim along the sandy ocean floor. Also known as brown sharks, they are one of the largest coastal sharks found in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. According to the Aquarium Of The Pacific, these guys have attacked humans in the past, but are not generally considered dangerous.

The age of the shark killed in the crash in unknown. It is presumed that it was about five feet in length, as one report indicated was the size of the surviving sharks.

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