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70 Chihuahuas Transported from Arizona, US to Missouri, US to Find New Homes

05 Jun 2015 2:04 PM | Deleted user

PHOENIX  - Dozens of dogs are hitting the road, all in hopes of finding new homes.

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control loaded up 70 chihuahua and chihuahua mixes Thursday morning to begin a long road trip to Missouri.

"It's funny, we originally said 75, then we said 50, then we said 75 and the last one to go is one that-- I'm going to cry-- I'm really attached to," said Melissa Gable of MCACC.

Gable's favorite has been here since December. And many of these chihuahuas and chihuahua mixes have been at the shelter for months.

That's why they're leaving the Valley in hopes of finding new homes.

"It's going to be a little bit of a long road trip, but the end result is so good and we're so excited and we know that these dogs are going to find homes quickly," said Gable.

The air-conditioned trailer from the Humane Society of Missouri is taking the small dogs back to St. Louis where chihuahuas are in high demand. That's not the case in Arizona, where there are so many of the dogs.

"This is perfect timing for us because the summer months are really busy and we're going to start seeing more than 100 animals at our shelters every single day," said Gable.

This is the largest animal transport so far for animal care, and another one is planned this summer to place more Arizona strays in Missouri homes, even if it is especially tough to say goodbye to some favorites.

"It's a good thing but we love our dogs and it's hard to see him go but we know he'll find a good home," said Gable.

After the two-day road trip, the dogs will go through a processing system in St. Louis, then will be ready to adopt over the next couple weeks.

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